Conversation Tips. Talk to Anyone.

Here are 7 Tips to Start Conversation with Anyone:

1) Know the objective of having the conversation (Very Important)
2) Be confident and comfortable with self-introduction (Take note of your body posture and communication skills)
3) Remember the individual’s name (Mentioning the individual’s name throughout the conversation, Eg: Yes, I agree with you, Lai; you are most welcome, Lai)
4) Listen attentively (with the positive intention of knowing the individual better)
5) Find common topics for discussion (such as hobbies, family, career, holiday trip and etc)
6) Exchange name card or contact number (either for the personal or professional relationship moving forward)
7) End the conversation with a positive note (Wish the individual a great day ahead)

I hope that you will benefit from these 7 tips as this will help you in your personal life and career journey.

Have a great day ahead.

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