Interview Tip. Knowing What To Say.

Tips for Fresh Graduates.

I spoke to a Fresh Graduate who applied for an HR Executive role. I provided improvement feedbacks as the individual:
1) applied for over 200 jobs without spending time reading on the JDs
2) stumble without proper structure during self-introduction
3) asked 2 questions at the beginning of the phone session; what job is this and working hours?

During an interview session, “knowing WHAT to say” is essential.

Some of the things to take note before the interview session starts:
1) Perform research about the company and position
2) Prepare a self-introduction speech
3) Prepare quality questions to ask the interviewer

Some of us might experience this before, “saying wrong things at the wrong time” which ruined the entire session.

I hope that this post will help you to secure a job offer.

Have a great day ahead.

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