Phone Interview Tips.

I had a phone interview session with an individual that was actively searching for a job. Overall the phone interview session wasn’t too pleasant as:
1) Location: The individual was in a coffee shop with loud background noise
2) Tonality: Due to the background noise, the individual occasionally raised the voice asking, “CAN YOU REPEAT AGAIN?”
3) Talking. The individual was talking real fast without pausing. There were a few occasions where the individual spoke for more than 5 minutes straight.
4) Interrupting. The individual tends to cut me off while I was speaking.

I shared the following feedback with the individual:
1) Having the right location is essential. It’s okay to reschedule the phone interview session with HR or Recruiter.
2) During the phone interview session, a pleasant tonality will make a significant difference.
3) Always control your pace while talking. Also, remember to check for understanding.
4) Communication is a two-way process. Let’s seek to understand first before replying.

Both the individual and I are working together on a job opportunity right now. 🤝

I hope these tips will help and increase your chances of getting a job offer soon.

Wishing you a great day ahead.

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